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Color Rich 3D technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The company was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers with strong mechanical and chemical expertises.
Manufacturing of FDM printer filament is a complicated process that requires perfect integration of chemical, mechanical, electrical and computer technologies. Therefore, before the inception of the company, we spent a two-year R&D period to establish our unique technology know-how. And finally, in early 2015, we achieved major breakthroughs of filament manufacturing technologies, which include the following key technologies:

1. Spool winding technology; the orderly coiled filament completely avoids filament tangling problems.
2. Diameter tolerance ±0.02mm; the highest standard in the industry.
3. 100% bump and bubble free; achieve high-quality printing surface and avoid printing nozzle blocking problems.
4. In-house material modification technologies; instead of being limited by material suppliers, we have abilities to modify chemical and mechanical properties of raw materials to meet customer’s requirements. It is an important criterion to supply our customers with consistent quality and quantity products.


There are many different 3D printing technologies in the market. Compare to others, FDM 3D printer is most likely to become a consumer grade product. The reasons are the structure of a FDM printer is simple and easy to maintain and the cost of equipment and supplies is comparatively lower. The current FDM printer designs are becoming more reliable and easier to operate. More materials were also developed for different applications. All these trends are making FDM printing more practical than before.
As a FDM filaments manufacturer, our business goal is to make the FDM technology more popular in the future. To achieve this goal, we will do:

1. To provide more information about filaments to consumers, including how filaments were made and how to choose a premium printing filament.
2. To develop more materials for different applications to increase practicability
3. To reduce costs for end-users. A premium FDM filament doesn’t have to be expensive. We will do out best to optimize the manufacturing process and acquire lowest possible raw materials. We aimed at providing consumers with the lowest possible prices without sacrificing qualities.

Thanks to our customer’s support and valuable feedbacks, ColorRich 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is growing fast. We value each and every of our customers. To provide high-quality products and services at competitive prices are the fundamentals of our management concepts. To grow with our customers is our ultimate goal.

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