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Quality Control

Quality Control

To produce premium filaments, every production has the same importance.  In addition to precision equipment, technology know-how, and high-standard production workshop,  a strict quality control system is required to ensure all finished products had reached its performance standards. The important properties related to filament performance are melt flow index, material dryness, impact strength, and diameter precision. Our lab is equipped with melt flow index instrument, dryness tester, impact strength tester, laser diameter tester and hardness tester to check all these properties.

1 Raw Material Quality Control 1. Color and Appearance Visual Inspection
2. Moisture Content Moisture Tester
3. Melt Flow Index Melt Flow Index tester
4. Mechanical Properties Impact Strength Tester
2 Raw Material Modification 1. Stickiness Print on 3D Printer
2. Melt Flow Index Melt Flow Index tester
3. Mechanical Properties Impact Strength Tester
4. Thermal Properties Print on 3D Printer
5. Hardness Hardness tester
6. Appearance Visual Inspection
7. Others
3 Pigment Mixing Mixing Uniformity Visual Inspection
4 Material Drying Moisture Content Moisture Tester
5 Extrusion Check Extrusion Consistency Visual Inspection
6 Cool Down in Water Tank Check Filament Roundness and Diameter Laser Diameter Tester
7 Temporary Spool Winding 1. Avoid Tangle Visual Inspection
2. Check Filament Length Length Gauge
3. Check Gross Weight Scale
4. Check Bubble Sampling and Visual Inspection
8 Spool Winding 1. Orderly Winded Spool Visual Inspection
2. Double-check Filament Diameter Laser Diameter Tester
3. Bump Mechanical Testing Device
9 Finished Products Drying Moisture Content Moisture Tester
10 Vacuum Packaging Vacuum Degree Visual Inspection
11 Inner Box Packing 1. Integrity and Cleanness Visual Inspection
2. Parts and Accessories Visual Inspection
3. Double-check Vacuum Condition Visual Inspection
12 Carton Wraping 1. Shipping Mark Visual Inspection
2. Packaging Integrity Visual Inspection

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