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Tangle-Free Filament Winding Technology

Tangle-Free Filament Winding Technology

Orderly Winded Filament

How to orderly wind filament on a spool has always been a problem for the industry. Chaos filament on a spool not only has a poor appearance, but also is the major cause of filament distortion, deformation, and entanglement. These problems will cause uneven filament feeding, low in printing quality and even breakage of the filament during printing. We recognized the seriousness of these problems and therefore invested a lot of resources into the development of spool winding technology. Finally, we achieved a major breakthrough and are ready to bring the benefits of this technology to the 3D printing industry.


1. 100% free of filament entanglement; filament coil out smoothly.
2. Filaments are straight without bending or distortion; moving through a Teflon tube with minimum resistance.

3. Great appearance to match with your 3D printer.


Orderly winded filaments are especially beneficial for the Bowden tube filament feeding system.

The mechanical structure of a Bowden tube system is that the filament feeding stepper motor is installed on the printer body rather than on the print head. The filament was pushed through a Teflon tube onto the print head and nozzle. The advantage of this system is that, because the motor is not installed on the print head, the print head weight and volume were significantly reduced. A lightweight print head will effectively minimize vibration during high-speed printing and therefore obtain higher precision. The benefit is even more obvious for the multi-nozzle print head system.

However, the Bowden tube system has higher requirements on filament quality. In a Bowden tube system, since the filament has to go through a Teflon tube, a manufacturer will normally use 2mm or larger inside diameter tube to avoid clogging caused by large tolerance, bend or deformed filaments. The gap between 1.75mm diameter filament and the 2mm inside diameter tube sacrifice filament movement accuracy and therefore the printing quality. Orderly winded and high precision filament just solve this problem, a 1.8mm Teflon tube can be used instead of 2mm and the filament will travel through it smoothly with minimum movement deviation. Therefore, the accuracy of printing will be greatly enhanced.

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